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Style Tips: How to style with books

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In honour of the World Book Day, here are some ideas on how you can decorate your space with books. Although books might not be the first thing that would spring to one's mind when thinking about interior inspirations but it is actually a very easy, non-expensive and stylish way to decorate your home with them. If you are someone who is always looking for easy ways to upgrade your spaces, then learn how styling with books could work for you.

Most of us possess more or less books and they just tell as much about our personality as any other object in our home or office, so they are brilliant tools to add that special and personal finishing touch. Decorating with them never goes out of style and the potential of using them in different creative ways is actually limitless.

The two most typical ways to use books for decoration is the library style and coffee table decor. Depending on how many books you have and how much space, you can either dedicate a whole wall unit to your books or just keep them in a bookcase or on shelves. To add some interest, position some books horizontally and others vertically, organise them by colour or size or accessorize them with a few decorative objects.

The coffee table decor with books has been very popular and trendy for a while. No wonder, as ideally a coffee table should be seen as the centerpiece of a living area so it should look great and stylish. A few, thoughtfully arranged books with a couples of other props on your coffee table will give your space this stylish focal point.

Do not worry if you do not have a bookcase or you do not fancy keeping books on your coffee table for decorative purpose. You might be surprised at how eye-catching design accents you can create with just stacking your books. By organizing them into piles, you can create engaging focal points too. You don’t need to layer books perfectly, rather try mixing them up a little to give a more casual and natural appearance.

Beautifully designed books, albums can work as an artistic statement. They can be presented as a piece of art and they can be put on display or propped vertically on a shelf. But make sure the books are interspersed with other shapes and colours to avoid looking like a museum or a bookshop.

By grouping a few books with some other objects (smaller plants, flowers, photos, candleholders, chinas, crystals, etc.) you can easily create a still life "island" either on a console table, on your office desk, on the mantlepiece or on a shelf. Place the books and the objects in various heights to add life and movement.

Books can serve as pedestals for small items or you can fill up unusual spaces with them, such as a fire place nook.

As you see books can be your best friends not only when you are bored but when you want to spice up your space in some unexpected way. They add colour, texture, height, interest and movement, set a certain tone as well as offer a chance to show off your personality. Also they offer great flexibility design-wise as by changing or rotating the books on your shelf or coffee table you can achieve a different look and atmosphere. All the while creating a cultured vibe in your space.

For more ideas on how to decorate with books, please visit my Pinterest site.

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