Unexpected Living is founded by Marianna Beck focusing on creating beautiful yet ergonomically functional interiors - spaces that serve the the soul, body and mind.  


Marianna is a certified interior stylist and colour consultant based in London who takes interest in various things and issues in life. All of them somehow centers around us, humans, our inner and outer world: our mental and emotional wellbeing and our immediate environment. She is a firm believer that our surroundings have emotional, intellectual and physical effect on us and through design and art we can create and influence those effects.

She has lived in five different countries (in three different continents) that has taught her a lot not only about herself, but the world, the different cultures and lifestyles too. 

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"I took an early interest in interior design and decoration starting out with fabricating bedside tables, bookcases of polystyrene and cardboard through designing a complete set of furniture for my room at the age of 16. I was lucky enough to get my own flat at quite a young age and I was more than keen on doing all the design and decoration work, including painting, wallpapering, turning the kitchen cupboard into a bookcase, recovering and updating my grandmom's old sofa and armchair, designing the kitchen, dining and bedroom furniture. In the meantime I obtained a master degree in cultural and event management and then life took me onto a different path working for 12 years for marketing and event management agencies participating in product and service promotions, business and academic conferences, art exhibitions and art fairs, cultural and musical festivals and fashion shows. But my childhood interest in interior design and styling has remained with me all along the way.

Later on, while living abroad, in different countries I started to develop an interest in how we can design or re-design our life to find our purpose and live a positive and meaningful life. This resulted in me becoming a certified ThetaHealing Counsellor and an Access Bars Facilitator. I truly believe that the way we design, create and use our immediate environment is a profound reflection of our inner world and that our immediate environment too influences the way we see the world and ourselves in it. 

My aim is to help people find their own personal 'life design' and create interiors for them that reflect their unique personality and lifestyle."


Create a Home and a Life You Love!

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design psychology


Dig deeper - not only in creating a beautiful home for yourself but also understanding your motivations, core needs, obstacles to build a happy life as well.

designing, stylinG & decorating

Creating a unique and personalised home or office environment, or to beautifying  property before going to rental or sales market.

Space   revival & organising

Turning the chaos in your home or office into order so you can reclaim and enjoy your space, reduce your stress-level and save time.

colour consultancy

Guiding you in your colour selection to pick up the right colours or a full colour scheme that suits both you and your space.

workshops & online courses

Be your own designer - learn how you can design and style your home as well as how you can design a happy and balanced life four yourself. 

Styling and Decorating - Express Yourself

You might have a newly purchased home that needs a full styling service or you already have the big pieces in place but the interior still lacks that "wow" factor and need some help with the smaller details.

Perhaps you just need a sort of design remix to refresh your space and give it a new look.

Or alternatively you are about to sell or rent your property and wish to make it more appealing and valuable for possible buyers and renters. 

Contact and connect with Me

marianna@unexpectedliving.com  |  Tel: 07507679323

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