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Colour Up Your Life...

How to boost your energy level with colours

It is February and it is winter...still. Not to mention the current situation of being forced and confined within the four walls of our home for the most of the time with a very limited option to go out. The 'Great General British Weather' also does not really help the situation.

It is quite nerve-wracking.

Even under normal circumstances around this time of the year we usually feel worn out, sluggish and moody. Our energy level hits the rock bottom.

How we could escape from this winter blue?

Colours have been long understood as 'tools' that can affect and influence our bodily functions - our mood, behaviour, mental and physical performance. Choosing the right colour and colour scheme is a big thing in interior design. Just one mistake and your room can be totally messed up - not only from aesthetical and visual perspective but also the way how the overall feel of the room can subconsciously affect you. Colour psychology suggests that some colours may increase anxiety, depression, restfulness, while others can soothe you or positively boost your energy level.

I would like you to think about colours in a much broader when it comes to ideas of how you can use them in your life. Most people only think about the two big categories: fashion - what sort of colours I should choose when buying a new pair of shoes, a skirt or shirt, a bag, etc., and interior design - what sort of colours I should choose for my home. Well, and I guess for men there is a third category: the colour of their car - but that is a whole different story...lucky for them their colour vision is much more restricted than women's so it is not that big of a problem for them to pick the right car with the right colour.

Anyway, what I mean by using colour in a much wider sense is to consider how and in what ways you can 'colourbomb' your everyday life on a regular basis.

By all mean do utilise the psychological and physiological effect of colours in your clothing and in your home - a deep red belt or a magnificent purple cushion can do wonders. They are a given. But then what other options are there out there?

Here goes a short list of mine - pick whatever resonates with you and give it a try:

1. Colour Therapy / Chromotherapy

It uses colour and light to treat physical or mental health by balancing the body's energy centers known chakras. It is based on the theory that colours create electrical impulses in our brain, which stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes in our body.

The easiest way to do it in the comfort of your home is to use a small Bioptron lamp.

2. Colour Meditation / Colour Visualisation

This is more 'advanced' technique as it requires your active mental participation. I will go into more lengthy details regarding this and the colour therapy as they are really worth the attention and the effort to incorporate them into our life. For now - the essence of colour meditation and visualisation is that for 10 minutes you focus on a certain colour 'inviting' it into your body - either your whole body or just a certain part of it depending on the colour and the purpose and letting it illuminating. It is like having a mental bath or shower.

It can be a very easy and quick tool when, for instance, you feel stressed or anxious about something - especially combined with the relevant breathing technique.

3. Colourful food and drinks

This one is an easy one - just make sure your daily diet is varied and rich not only in terms of nutrients but in colours as well. And by the way, it is not only your food, but also how you present it, how you 'decorate' it. It all has a subconscious effect on you.

4. Colour Bath / Chromotherapy Bath

This one is also a very easy and even a more pleasant practice. It is basically the use of coloured light in your bath or shower or coloured water itself in your bath. The quick and cost-effective way of it is either colouring your water with bath bombs (use organic ones) or irradiating your bath water from a safe distance (1 meter) with a certain colour light for 20 minutes . If you have the financial means you can instal coloured lights in your bathtub or in your shower head.

5. Colour Gazing

This one is, again, a no brainer. Not only that but it does not cost a penny. It is like cloud gazing - you purposefully stare at a colour of your choice that evokes good feelings or memories in you. Just find a relatively bigger (let us say at least the size of a A4 paper) surface of the chosen colour - and do it for like 10-20 minutes.

If you would want to live a more colourful and happier life in a beautifully coloured and designed home, explore your options as to how I could help you to achieve it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

And by all means, download your beautiful gift, the Home Harmony Starter Kit, if you have not done it yet. It will help you become more aware of your space and build a stronger connection with it.


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