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Green Living: Recycled Pallet Design

Green Living articles are about to introduce or spread ideas and practices on how we can live more eco-friendly and environmental conscious, how we can be more align with nature and with our own resources. We aim to cover a wide range of issues from eco-friendly living ideas, healthy and sustainable lifestyle tips to advice on body and mind consciousness that will help you to live a healthier and more natural life.

Recycled Wooden Pallets

Have you ever thought of using wooden palletts as furniture or decor elements in your home, office or in your workshop? It might seem as an odd idea but in fact, it has been a while since pallets are one of the hottest trends in interior design and decoration. Recycled wood pallets can be great and versatile material for making furniture, decor accessories, wall decorations, lighthing fixtures or any other extraordinary objects. Even staircases and houses can be built by using pallets.

Used pallets once were percieved as waste, now they are seen as opportunities to recycle them and create a huge diversity of useful items out of them. They are quite easy to find, still cheep but can be turned into unique and striking masterpieces with good intention and creative design. For sure, they are not the highest quality of wood you will ever find, but why not give them a new life if you fancy rustic, natural or vintage look, like to have something special and personalized and/or are environmental conscious? However, you will need to think of what these items will be used for and where they will be placed. If you want to use pallets for the outside, be sure to treat the wood first to protect it from the elements.

If you go through the images either here, in this site or check out the provided links below, you will realize that recycled pallet design is not only for those ones who are on low budget and cannot afford to buy stylish and expensive furniture or accessorises. You can really create a cool and charming interior with upcycled and repurposed pallets that will leave everyone around you amazed.

The two major ingredients you will need to create your own design are imagination and ingenuity. And, of course, some sort of DIY skills and materials. From designing to to making storage units, beds, sofas, lounge chairs, book shelves, side or coffee tables, entryway decorations, garden planters, recycled wood pallets offer various indoor and outdoor projects that will improve and beautify your living and working spaces as well as enrich green and eco interior ideas.

For more inspiration and images, visit my Pinterest site or click on the link below: an amazing site with endless recycled wood pallet ideas and inspirations. Worth having a look:

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Styling and Decorating - Express Yourself

You might have a newly purchased home that needs a full styling service or you already have the big pieces in place but the interior still lacks that "wow" factor and need some help with the smaller details.

Perhaps you just need a sort of design remix to refresh your space and give it a new look.

Or alternatively you are about to sell or rent your property and wish to make it more appealing and valuable for possible buyers and renters. 

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