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Colour Cocktail - White, Pink & Brown

In the Colour Cocktail serial I introduce several colour combinations and will tell you how they work together, what kind of stlye and atmosphere their combo creates and in what type of interiors they serve best. Then you can easily and more confidently pick up your favourite "coctails" to create a harmonious colour flow throughout your interiors.

There is nothing new in saying that colours, their different variations (tints, shades, tones) and the way we mix or combine them influence us. Even if we are not aware of it. They affect our mood, our perception, our behaviour, our intellectual or physical state and energy level. There are people who are pretty sensitive to colours and to the atmosphere they can excude, while others do not feel that much their effect.

Whatever the case is, it is good to know a little bit about colours, their nature and properties as well as to understand how to create different atmospheres, moods and styles by using and mixing them and how to harness their positive effect in any interiors.

White is - depending on cultural context - associated with purity, simplicity and modesity. It is also considered as a classic and elegant colour. White is the colour you cannot go wrong with, no matter what is the amount of it you apply or what other colours you pair it with. It is basically a neutral colour that goes with everthing so you cannot really fail.

Pink is another cup of tea. Many people do not like it, mostly because they associate it with cheep and cheesy style or for men it is just “too much and sweet”. It is usually not considered to be a colour that can create fine, grand and sophisticated interiors. Which is right and not. It all depends on the variations and the amount of it. Unlike white, pink is the colour you can easily wrong with. You pick up the wrong shade, you apply too much of it, you group it with colours that do not sit well with pink and you will find yourself in the middle of a colour and style disaster. Unless you are aiming for “candy” or “Barbie look”, you will need to limit the amount of pink finding the right proportion of it with the other colours applied in the same interior. Also, you will need to think about the shade of the pink you want to use. If it is too vibrant and powerful it might be disturbing and can tire your eyes and mind after a while. However, pink when used as a decorative touch or an accent colour, can look stylish and classic and is a great addition to the colour scheme of any interiors without looking overwhelming or girlie.

It is commonly known that brown represents the colour of Earth and nature. It is a "down-to-earth" colour with warmth, comfort and simplicity. However, just a few of us know the fact that brown also relates to quality, material security and accumulation of material possessions. But be aware: it is essential to mix it with other colours, otherwise your space might come across as a bit of dull and cheap. If you use brown in any interior pairing it up with other colours, you will not only bring a feeling of earthiness into your space but also a sense of richness and life.

You can find a few images below where this type of "colour coctail" is applied to show you how this combination works in interiors. You will notice that by changing the proportion and the properties of these three colours you can create different styles - with the right type of furniture and accessorises, of course. When matching pink with brown one thing you will need to keep in mind: as pink is basically a cold colour, while brown is not, therefore the brown you pick up cannot come with a strong yellow or orange undertone in it, rather with greyish, blueish or purple undertone.

Pink is unarguably rather a feminine colour then a masculin one so if you choose it as a base colour you will achieve a very feminine, girlie look. If you pick up white as a base colour and apply pink and brown as accent colours your interior will look more stylish, sophisticated and classic. If you stick with light brown accenting it with more white and less pink then your space will exude a sort of rustic, natural or shabby chick feeling. But if you aim for a more formal, traditional and classical atmosphere or retro style, you will need dark brown with some amoung of pink and just a touch of white - or alternatively you can leave white out and use other colours instead.

But then that is a different Colour Coctail and a different story.

To enjoy more White - Pink - Brown Colour Coctail, visit our Pinterest site for further images.

Also visit my website to see what my colour consultancy service has to offer to those ones who wish to "colour up" their home, offices or other interior spaces.

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