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Green Living: Natural Homes


Green Living articles are about ideas, initiatives and practices on how we can live more eco-friendly and environmental conscious, how we can be more align with nature and with our own resources. If you are interested or concerned about sustainable and natural living, check out this fantastic website on natural ways and technologies of building homes and living spaces.

Natural Homes

Natural Homes is a great website and a green initiative we adore and are happy to share with our readers. They spread information internationally about sustainable, eco-friendly and natural building ways and technologies. All the houses presented in their website are excellent examples on how to use natural materials such as clay, stone, straw, wood to build not only beautiful and ergonomic interiors and exteriors but homes that are in harmony and accordance with nature and its laws.

For a taster and to give you some ideas, here comes a few images of simple and practical yet beautiful natural kitchens. Yes, they do not look like the most modern, elegant and high-tech kitchens and interiors, however one cannot help but notice that all of them are very warm, homely and welcoming - mainly due to wooden furniture and rounded surfaces. As a matter of fact, they quite remind us of sort of granny's kitchen, the old times when people led way more natural and down-to-earth life.

For the full post and more images click on this link:

For more informaton and natural home, visit their website:




Styling and Decorating - Express Yourself

You might have a newly purchased home that needs a full styling service or you already have the big pieces in place but the interior still lacks that "wow" factor and need some help with the smaller details.

Perhaps you just need a sort of design remix to refresh your space and give it a new look.

Or alternatively you are about to sell or rent your property and wish to make it more appealing and valuable for possible buyers and renters. 

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