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Shall I cry or laugh...?

Man of surprise my partner, Mr W. is. Every time when I travel away somewhere and leave him behind I have to wonder in what state I will find our home when I am back. Whether I will laugh or cry - or both.

You have to know for me my home is a sanctuary, a kinda sacred place where I can recharge, revive, sometimes 'rebuild' myself - and this means my home needs to be a peaceful, nice, tidy and organised place (with the occasional creative mess). Mr W. is quite different - while he too loves his home to be nice and cosy, he is an awfully messy guy. He is an alpha male with an entrepreneurial mind who just cannot be bothered by cleaning and tidying up after himself - he has always got way more important and bigger things to do than taking his plate and cup and putting them in the dishwasher after his breakfast - at his best he leaves them in the dishwasher.

And if it was not enough - he is a man afterall, so leaving his clothes on the floor or not putting down the toilet seat is just his default operational mode.

We had moved in together last year early October and just a few weeks later I was on the plane to visit my mom for nearly two weeks. At that time we still had quite lots of basic pieces of furniture and other things missing - amongst others we did not have proper recycling bins, only one bigger bin for the general waste. As we are required to do recycling I made use of an old grocery crate for some of the recyclable waste and it was put in one of the corners of the kitchen. I also used a newly bought smaller wooden crate from Ikea to store our veggies in it and this crate was placed over the grocery crate.

So Mr W. remained without any household help for some time - and he did do his best to keep tidy and clean our home. It did not look bad when finally I returned back to London, there was a little mess here and there - like a super dirty looking sponge and a cleaning clothes left in the sink with some food 'leftover' as you can see it in the photo :D - but all in all it looked ok. He was so gentleman that even a nice bunch of flowers was waiting for me in the living room. However, as I walked around I felt that something was amiss. I could not quite put my finger on what was wrong or missing, I just had this feeling of 'something is not ok'.

Then the next morning I solved the 'mystery'. I was in the kitchen preparing our usual morning drink, lemon water with honey, when I wanted to discard a paper bag - and I realised the big recycling crate was gone, so was the small veggie crate. But where the heck were they? Surely, hi did not throw them away, especially not the small one with the vegetables?

So I asked...and I got my reply: he thought everything in the corner was rubbish so he took out all...

Well, what could I say? At first I felt a bit pissed but then I quickly realised - he was just a man doing his best to keep the flat nice and tidy - for me. And that was enough. It was not such a big loss.

As a matter of fact i find it rather funny now - so typical of men :D

And just to put the icing on the cake...

Two or three days later as I was cooking in the kitchen standing by the hob I just looked up all of a sudden at the ceiling and then I saw...he tried to make some boiled eggs, and guess what - yes, he forgot about them and they exploded, big could see the severity of the explosion on the ceiling... :D


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