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The Colour Season Theory - Autumn

Colour Your World Beautiful...

Autumn seems to be the most colourful season - so let us start talking about colours. Lots of people are afraid of using colours mainly because they feel they do not know how to pair the different shades and tones and do not want to get it wrong - so they just stay with the basic and safe colours / colour palettes.

One of my favourite colour harmony schemes is the so called 'Colour Season Theory'. It is actually pretty easy to learn as it is based on the changes of the colours of the four seasons - more precisely the changes of their three properties: hue (warm or cold), value (light or dark), and saturation or chroma (bright or toned). Within this colour theory there are actually 16 colour harmonies / colour schemes - four in each season depending on which other season's colours are blended in.

According to this categorization autumn colours are warm, dark/deep/rich and toned/muted colours in general. They bring cosiness, friendliness, warmth and richness into a room with a bit of a feel of 'drama' in the good sense.

In terms of interior styles these colours go well with the more traditional, historical styles, antique furniture and accessories, with rustic, raw and natural styles or with exotic, lush, bohemian, kind of 'exalted' styles.

Autumn - Autumn aka True Autumn

The picture above is the representation of the so called True Autumn colour palette within this theory. As you can see True Autumn colours are the typical colours of autumn - I am sure if you think of autumn these colours would come to your mind. They are completely warm with yellow (warm) undertones giving the heavy, rich looks and feel.

If you have a look at the image you will feel the warmth and the depth of the rich, darker colours. It is so typical autumn. And it is so beautifully harmonious.

Autumn - Summer aka Soft Autumn

As you may notice, the first, True Autumn image looks somehow more colourful and richer - while this one is more earthy, toned and lighter while still gives you the feel of autumn. It is because the colours of this scheme although are still autumn shades they are a bit closer to the summer shades - which are light, cold and saturated colours. So, while the True Autumn colour palette a pure autumn palette, this one is blended with some of the properties of the summer colours.

Soft Autumn colours are toned and earthy shades with some hint of blue (cold) undertone and although it has the typical depth and warmth from autumn it looks much softer and restrained.

Autumn - Spring aka Bright Autumn Spring colours are warm, light and bright - so while keeping the general character of the autumn colour palette being warm and toned, instead of using the typical dark, rich and heavy autumn shades there is some lightness and brightness injected into this scheme. It still gives you the autumn feel but it is a bit more lighthearted, vibrant and playful.

Speaking about colour harmonies - remember, the Season Theory is just one - you may ask why it is so important to apply a cohesive colour scheme in your home - why you cannot just paint this room this colour and that room that colour. Although your home has separate rooms, yet each area should flow seamlessly into the others to create a balanced and harmonious feel. If each room showcases starkly different palettes, the overall looks and feel of your home will be unsettling and disconnected. You may feel uncomfortable and restless in your home not knowing why - and it could be because of the random mix of unmatching colours.

Autumn - Winter aka Deep or Dark Autumn

It is the darkest and coldest sub-season - while the colours are still warm, rich and dark there is a bit of 'frostiness' in this palette. Deep Autumn sits at the darkest and the least warm end of the autumn spectrum but still retains some warmth without drifting into the cool winter palette. The main characteristic is the depth of the colours with having a hint of blue (cold) undertone which gives this kind of coldish and distant feel.

If I look at this image I can feel the coldness of November and the approaching December - while it is still autumn, there are still colours in the nature, the warmth and colourfulness are slowly disappearing.

So which one of the Autumn palettes do you feel close to you? Would you pick any of these as the leading colour palette of your home? If you close your eyes and try to imagines these palettes in your space how do you feel? Cozy? Homely? Relaxed? Safe? Or maybe you do not feel drawn to the Autumn colours at all?

Next time we will explore the winter colour palette.

If you would want to live a more colourful and happier life in a beautifully coloured and designed home, explore your options as to how I could help you to achieve it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

And by all means, download your beautiful gift, the Home Harmony Starter Kit, if you have not done it yet. It will help you become more aware of your space and build a stronger connection with it.


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