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 Home & Soul Decluttering Workshop


Has it ever crossed your mind that you could improve your life in general, your health, your wellbeing, career, finances, relationships, by improving the quality of your home?



Our home is not just a place where we go to sleep at the end of the day - it is far more than just a physical structure, a roof above our head. Our home is a kind of sacred place, a personal sanctuary where we feel safe and comfortable, where we can soothe down and recharge ourselves. It is not just a building bound by the walls that hold them together. It is a "living entity" with a "soul" of it. It is a place filled with special energies, like love, happiness, joy - or sadness, unhappiness, restlessness.










Did you know?

You and your home make up a dynamic system – if you change, your home changes; if you change your home, you re-organize and redo it your life will change.  Your home represents who you are and by changing your surroundings you can embark on an unimagined journey of personal change. 

However, many of us treat our home poorly as we oftentimes neglect it and allow it to become dirty, untidy and cluttered. 



What are the benefits of decluttering:

Tidier, more organized and ergonomically functional home

Visually pleasant and harmonious home

More space in your home and more time in your life

Increased positive energy, both in your home and in your life

Increased mental clarity and focus, cleared up physical and mental blocks

Experiencing peace, calm and joy in your life



Do you want a change? Do you want more space and time? Do you want to feel great about your home and life?

Then start to take care of your home and life!



If you want to know how the quality of your life is connected to the quality of your home and how you can improve both, then this day-long in-depth workshop with lot of excercises is designed for you.

It will teach you how you can dejunk your home and your life once and forever to live a happier and healthier life in an inspiring and healthy home.



You will learn about:

What Holistic Integrated Home Therapy is

What clutter is and why we need to pay attention to it

The common causes of piling up things

The physical and mental, emotional effect of clutter

The clutter hot spots in your home

How to deal with clutter

The 6 step-formula to eliminate clutter

The 3 clutter boosting goals

How to let go off negative energies and change your mindset and vibration

The importance of me-space and me-time

A quick self-help emotional release technique

Home & Soul Decluttering One-Day Masterclass

15th September 2018, 10.00 - 17.00

Belsize Park Gardens, London, NW3 4NJ

Refreshments, lunch and course material are included in the price.

The spaces are limited only for 8 persons so there is enough time for everyone to have 1-to-1 session. 

Ticket price: £107

Are you still hesitating?

Read more about decluttering and dejunking on my living & lifestyle blog magazine, The Unexpected.

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Styling and Decorating - Express Yourself

You might have a newly purchased home that needs a full styling service or you already have the big pieces in place but the interior still lacks that "wow" factor and need some help with the smaller details.

Perhaps you just need a sort of design remix to refresh your space and give it a new look.

Or alternatively you are about to sell or rent your property and wish to make it more appealing and valuable for possible buyers and renters. 

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