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  Colour Matters Workshop


Have you ever felt lost in the world of colours - not knowing what colours to pick for your home, office or for yourself, how to mix and match them? Have you ever felt confused about the countless colour trends, the different colour rules, the do's and don'ts?

Or have you ever thought about colour as something that could help you improve your mood, your health and wellbeing? 

Colours are powerful forces, vibrating energies that fundamentally affect your quality of life and wellbeing - whether you are aware of it or not. We are constantly surrounded by colours no matter where we are - in our home, at our workplace, in the nature, on the streets.  These colours have a real impact on your mood, your behaviour, how you feel about yourself, how comfortable people feel around you and in your home. 

You can consciously and positively influence these impacts of colour by  choosing the right colours with the right vibrating energy for yourself.





Did you know?   

Colours are also responsible for 62 - 90% of our first impressions not only of one another but also of how we feel about a specific space or environment. It is because colours work at a subconscious level - much faster than words or even images. So if you prefer a particular colour, you may be subconsciously drawn to those individuals or places that are wearing that particular colour even without being aware of why you feel attracted.

What are the benefits of learning about colours:

Understanding the power and effects of colours in every area of your life.

Finding out your authentic colour personality type.

Knowing how to pick colours confidently and incorporate them to enhance either your appearance or your home / work environment.

Being able to create harmonious colour schemes that resonate with you and the environment you want to live in.

Being able to influence and support your wellbeing, moods and behaviours through using colour with purpose.

Do you love colour and want to become colour confident? Do you want to connect with your authentic colour personality? Do you want your colour choices to reflect in your living and working environment who you really are? 

Do you want to know how to harness the power of colours,  what your authentic colour personality type is, how to express yourself and add value to your life through colours?​​

Through this one-day long training you will learn how to stop second guessing your colour choices and use colours confidently and purposefully for your own benefit on many levels in your life.


You will learn about:

What Holistic Integrated Home Therapy is

2. Basic Colour Theory

3. Physical and Psychological Effects of Colours

4. Four-Season Colour Analysis and Colour Personalities

5. How You Can Use Colours for Your Own Benefit

(Colour Meditation and Visualisation Techniques, Colour Therapy, Colour Vitamins)

6. How to apply Colour Theory, Analysis and Psychology to Interior Design

7. What are the Effects of Colours on Space

8. How to Deal with Colour Problems

9. How to Develop Your Own Colour Schemes and Create Moodboards 

(Olioboard, Pinterest, Kuler)

10. Creating Your Own Colour Board / Moodboard

Colour Matters One-Day Masterclass

16th September 2018, 10.00 - 17.00

Belsize Park Gardens, London, NW3 4NJ

Refreshments, lunch and course material are included in the price.

The spaces are limited only for 8 persons so there is enough time for everyone to have 1-to-1 session. 

Ticket price: £107

Are you still hesitating?

Read more about colours and colour harmonies on my living & lifestyle blog magazine, The Unexpected.

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Styling and Decorating - Express Yourself

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Or alternatively you are about to sell or rent your property and wish to make it more appealing and valuable for possible buyers and renters. 

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